The programmer

Could there be some unseen force controlling the events that influence Earth's direction and survival?

What is the origin of this force and what is its final agenda?

Can two young high school drop out computer geeks actually solve the mystery?

Join them and find out about their shocking discovery.



Northern California...

The Pine forest

The Orb

The teen’s curious minds

An unexpected discovery

Inside a honeycomb room

The Programmer

A mystifying place

The theory of a great future

Superior intelligence

Unexplainable disappearances

The Creators

Another type of cleverness

The deceitful enticement

A different time frame

The Society of Emre

The imposed task

The unthinkable harvesting

Getting closer to freedom

The Kraken

The virus attack

The virus effect

The assessment aiming to crash the objective

The indecipherable metamorphosis

The Kraken’s curse

The emergence of The Programmer’s next generation

The mysterious CPU’s location

An intelligent integrated system

Compelling intelligences

An unexpected leak

An otherworldly creature

The Society of Emre story

A disturbing find

The quest of the puzzling empty space

The Chink in The Programmer’s armour

The Kraken endeavours

A return to reality

Chapter 4 The teen’s curious minds

They remained on the ground to ensure that should this thing come back any time soon, it would not hit them.

The thunder sound kept going. Both had chills running down their spines. The ground was very cold.

— Hey, you’re OK? asked Steph.

— I am but man, what was that thing?

— We should keep very low for a while in case this UFO comes back looking for us and tries to hit us, John suggested.

They remained crouched on the ground for what seemed to them to be an eternity.

After a waiting for what seemed to be a good length of time for this unexpected thing to show up again, they decided that it was safe to move around.

It was so dark all around, they couldn’t distinguish the silhouettes of the trees and both felt that this place had become very dangerous to move around in without any light source.

— John, do you have any spare light?

— Of course I do.

He pulled a USB key light from his jacket which would allow them to find their premeter that they had abruptly tossed away as they fell to the ground.

After searching the area nearby, they finally sighted the premeter, recovered it and to their relief it had remained intact despite being dropped.

— Thank God, the premeter is intact, titanium casing always pays off. Said Steph.

— What’s next?  What do you want to do? asked a very nervous John.

— I think that we are onto something that might be very interesting. Are you afraid? You are shaking like a leaf! Come on!

— OK, OK, let’s move on. I think I can control my nervousness...

Taking a deep breath, Steph invited him to carry on.

They made their way further into the forest using the very dim light of the USB key. They could hardly see three feet in front of them.

Chapter 5 An unexpected discovery

Keeping in mind that they had to remain very cautious since the appearance of the unusual orb phenomenon, they continued further into the forest until they finally came upon a paved road.

It became obvious that this clearing was not part of the wilderness.

As they entered and moved further into the woods, they stumbled upon Vintage bicycles that seemed to have been abandoned years back.

— Vintage rusted bicycles... They seemed to have been abandoned in a rush, said John.

— See the pink plastic tassels on one of them? That’s a girl’s bike for sure.

They carried on walking along when they suddenly realized that the USB light was covering a large seemingly flat surface, they were walking directly towards a wall, lifting the USB light all around and up and down, they realized that they were standing in front of a building with antennae and various kinds of what looked to be futuristic satellites dishes.

Then, to their surprise, the sound that had been assaulting their eardrums for hours abruptly stopped.

Both tried to catch a look at the other’s face to share their surprise but it was still so dark. They could feel each other’s emotion towards this sudden change. Everything around had become deadly silent.

This was the kind of equipment someone could expect to use to monitor sound and audio as well as other kind of high frequency communication.


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