The Miracle Man

Frank L. Packard (1877-1942) was a Canadian novelist.

He wrote numerous novels.

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The "Roost"

A New Cult


The Patriarch

A Strange Conversation

Officially Endorsed

The Patriarch’s Grand Niece

In Which the Bait is Nibbled

The Pilgrimage

The Miracle

The Aftermath

"Said the Spider to the Fly"

Real Money

Knotting the Strings

A Miracle Overdone

A Fly in the Ointment

In Which Helena Takes a Ride

The Boomerang

The Sanctuary of Darkness

To the Victor are the Spoils

Face Value

The Srine

The Way Out


The Patriarch

A New Cult

Doc Madison swung Helena lightly down from the table to the head of the couch, sat down beside her, one arm circling her waist, and motioned the Flopper to a chair — then he leaned forward and watched Pale Face Harry critically, as the latter carefully replaced the shining little hypodermic in its case.

"Harry," said he abruptly, jerking his free hand toward the hypodermic, "could you give up that dope-needle?"

"Sure, I could — if I wanted to!" asserted Pale Face Harry defiantly.

"That's good," said Madison cheerfully. "Because you'll have to."

"Eh?" — Pale Face Harry stared at Doc Madison in amazement.

"Because you'll have to — by and by," said Madison coolly. "And how about that cough — can you quit coughing?"

"When I'm dead — which won't be long," sniffed Pale Face Harry. "D'ye think I cough because I like it? How'm I going to quit coughing?"

"I don't know," admitted Doc Madison, frowning seriously. "I only know you'll have to."

Pale Face Harry, with jaw dropped, accentuating the gaunt leanness of his hollow-cheeked, emaciated face, gazed at Doc Madison with a curious mingling of incredulity and affront — and coughed.

"Say," he inquired grimly, "what's the answer?"

Doc Madison took his arm from Helena's waist, pulled a newspaper from his pocket, spread it out on the table — and his manner changed suddenly — enthusiasm was in his eyes, his voice, his face.


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