Is there an App for That?


This book is dedicated to all baby boomers.

Do you remember some strange events that happened in your life ?

See the impact of some of them that the author had gone through.

Get ready for a good laugh.

Join the author, feel her frustration and amazement at what goes on around us.





Looking elsewhere

Wars about religions

Y2K, Global Warming and Climate Change

Other Observations

First sign of aging

Why? What? Where?

The right to die with dignity

New generation

My education when I was a kid

How R U? LOL!

Sex Education

The Pseudo Science of Mental Health

Wonder drugs



The famous lottery

The Developing Countries

The insanity plea...

This beautiful childhood I had


New generation

I have dealt with teenagers and challenged them on their thinking more than once regarding their viewpoint on entitlements that they feel that they are so entitled to have.

Also, what about the feeling of shame that they want the baby boomers to feel? Yeah, the petroleum, this awful thing that has been abused by all baby boomers and leaves the next generation with a polluted planet!

Oh yeah... Well, that same teenager was holding an iPhone, his earplugs for his music and all the electronic gadgets he currently has were all made from petroleum by-products.

When I explained to him about the technology and the products needed to allow us to invent and create the great thing he had in his hand, he looked as if he didn’t know much about this.

He stopped criticizing at that point, and when I asked him how he could genuinely replace his iPhone and all his gadgets that he probably owned such as: CD player, CD's & DVD's, Cell phones, Soft Contact lenses, Sun Glasses and electric tooth brush, etc. with devices made without petroleum by products.

I indicated to him that all of these wonderful inventions that he and his generation are taking for granted would not be available to him without his much hated petroleum. I asked him what he thought about this, he naturally had no answer. How well informed was this kid?

I have to say that the basis of all the noise about how terrible petroleum seems to be coming from the two generation after mine. I was recently talking to a gentleman about twenty years younger than I am and he was telling me that my generation is the cause of all this mayhem and basically dooming the planet, while he was holding in his hands his phone and scrolling pages of information to convince me that my generation was the culprit.  I indicated to him — “You are holding petroleum by product in your hands.  Shame on you!”

The conversation stopped there... surprising, isn’t it?

I wished that there was an APP for that.

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