Project Carbon Copy

Do any of you really believe that we are truly alone in this universe?

Do you think that it is possible that aliens are already living among us? 

Do you think that abductees stories are real?

What could extraterrestrial plans be for Earth?

From where does today's new technology such as Stealth Bomber, cell phone, laptops, cruise missiles, fiber optic cables etc., originate?

Read and reach your own conclusions.

Chapter 2 

January 1st, 2015

I am a Bajan, I am a Bajan!” my watch’s ring tone made itself heard very loudly exactly at midnight on January first! Stupid of me for not having set it for a more convenient time! I tried to go back to sleep but didn’t succeed. I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face so as to be totally awake to examine this mystery box.

I turned on my bedside light, dialed the combination and opened my safe. I took the box in my hands and found I had to exert some force to lift its cover. It was as if it was somehow fused together. After a few pulls, I finally succeeded in opening it. The smell it emitted was quite overwhelming. I placed it next to the opened windows to let the smell disperse.

After the smell had gone, I took it in my hands and I sat on the side of my bed. What was inside the box seemed to be a personal journal. There was an old white ribbon wrapped around its black leather cover. Under the cover there was a folded sheet of paper with three punched holes. The paper was old and I had to take some precaution so that it would not disintegrate.

I opened it delicately and began to read.

«This is a time capsule that I have placed in the ocean in 1975. You are the person of the future by whom it was destined to be opened. You have in your hands information that I could not keep to myself anymore. I have to share it with someone before I depart this world. While I am still alive and well at this time, I have decided to make this move despite the risks involved by disclosing this data.

The information contained in this journal and the two small reels of film is of the upmost importance to you and everybody living on this planet today, without exception. No matter what your race, your country, your religion, your lifestyle, your beliefs, whether you care or not presently about the life conditions of this planet, you will realize that what I am about to reveal to you is the biggest and most outrageous government classified cover up operation against humanity ever undertaken. The events related to it have been happening way before 1953 and I can certify that this is still an ongoing activity to this day.

Do not reveal this data to anyone until you have full confidence that the person you will pass it on to is someone completely worthy of trust. As for the two 8mm film reels included in the box, you are to view them in a very secure and secluded room. No one but you must watch them.

I implore you to believe me and I hope that you will trust everything I say. I do not know on which beach this box will come to rest. I am standing under the stars on the deck of that magnificent ship, the Queen Elizabeth on May, 8th, 1975 at exactly two o’clock in the morning.

Regards, Dr. Charles Darwin (As you have probably and already deduced, this is not my real name). »

The film reels were wrapped in plastic and enclosed in a type of light aluminum foil bags sitting at the bottom of the box. I delicately opened one of the bags realizing how much care this man had put into the wrapping of these two reels. My feeling was that while all of this looked interesting, I was not keen on ending my vacation with the contents of the box being a mystery but I had to due to the fact I had no way of watching these two films at this time. The journal wasn’t very thick. It just consisted of a few pages. At a glance, it seemed to be all handwritten. I have to say that his writing was very elegant and easy to read.

I put everything back in the box, deposited it in the safe and headed to the hotel bar to savour my last night on the Rock.


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