The horrible fate of our

Blue Planet


When Robert Benson entered politics, he wanted something better for his people. He never thought that one day, he could be faced with what no other politician in the history of the planet had ever imagined.

    A dying Earth and the technology needed to reverse this, not yet invented.

    Working to improve the survival of what is left of Earth’s population without realizing it, he enters a world completely parallel to the daily reality.

    He becomes party to decades of  secret information that propels him directly into the heart of the elite's plan for the future of Earth.

    This plan is well underway at this point.

    Time is fast running out....

Point of no return

Ottawa, Canada – Tuesday, May 5TH, 3010

Population of Earth : 1, 5 billion

Robert Benson exits his electric car, wearing a gas mask as he does every morning. The air is so polluted that no one dares breathe it while outside. There is a really noxious odor to the air.

The sky is red and grey and no one has seen a blue sky for many years. In fact, ten generations have gone by without seeing a blue sky.

Pictures and photographs at the local library are all that people can refer to see the way it should be. The ozone is less than half of what it should be and the sun’s radiation is unbearable.

A third of the planet doesn’t have clean drinking water. The latest solution has been to cultivate indoor clouds in laboratories to make rain. It is then purified and distributed in ratio to the needs of each area.

This is a very expensive way of producing drinking water. Livestock does not exist in many countries and biological food has to be produced in several parts of the planet.

The International Service Society (ISS) – international independent group that governs in every country in the world. From technology to food providing, both synthetic and real. To medication, advertising, media, entertainment. Population control, import, export. Wild life indoor parks, etc.

Many greenhouses have been built in rich countries and one ISS representative has total control on distribution. 

While there has been a lot of effort to distribute what is left evenly to all from what Earth could give, there is not enough for all. Entire countries populations have disappeared.

It is a situation that has lasted for centuries. It is now the way of life. The poorest countries are dependant on the wealthy ones to support them. Otherwise, there would not be any signs of life within days in these areas.

Upon his arrival, Robert Benson goes through a decontamination chamber. He exits and gives a salute to his guards and enters in his office.

Robert Benson, Prime Minister of Canada, sits at his desk, picks up his Java and reads the e-newspapers on his desk screen. The country has its best year on record for employment. The financial system is in the black, nothing else special to read.  Everything seems to be as usual.

Getting bored with reading, he pushes a button on the remote control and turns on the 3DT.V. The ISS featured the latest discoveries on mental behavior wellbeing being promoted. And what miracle nanomedication will need funding to produce in order to be given to unborn children…

The headlines below the screen mention that there is a great deal of suffering and death in several countries. Famine, poverty and death increase.

All the food created to feed the population is completely under the ISS’s control. The whole situation is the perfect recipe for complete oblivion of all living things on this planet. 

No future.

Nothing is being resolved regarding the increasing pollution. The attention is always directed towards something else.  Waste of time and money has been the result.

Robert has felt for a long time that the ISS was going too far and it became more obvious when he became Prime Minister. This latest demand for more money spread the oil on an already fuelled emotion towards the ISS.  

The rest of the world is in disarray. No one else, not even the most powerful countries in the world over the past century, have been able to do anything for what looks to be a continuing slide down the dwindling spiral.

Many countries in the past have fought for betterment to no avail. It seems to Robert that the entire planet is on a quality of life decline.

Can nothing be done or is this just a message being pushed by certain individuals and special interest groups with so much repetition that the majority is beginning to believe it? 

Is anyone benefitting from this? If so, who are they? 


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