The Revenge of the Dragon


Here is a mixture of fairy tales and legends set in Japan. Dragons have always played a big part in oriental mythology.

An exciting and fast moving tale which will touch you, readers of all ages.

Do you believe in legends? Read and Enjoy!

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Japan in its early age

Fast forward to the 21st Century


An unexpected find

To the Monastery

The Old Monk at the Monastery

The reincarnated Gifted Child

Empty handed

Supporting each other

Look deeply in your Dream

Life after Life

The precious Jewel

The Gardener

A stroke of luck

The gold Omamori

The mighty Dragon

The Cave

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Japan in its early age

In a very isolated location sitting at the foot of Mount Shirouma, under the cloudy morning sky filling the air with water sprinkles, was standing the Great Emperor Kamato. He was fully dressed in a woven colorful silk kimono embroidered with black, red and gold leaves. He had on his head a Shinto hat definitely asserting his royal rank.

He was the top ruler of his country. This very powerful man was tall with a dark beard and mustache, his almond shaped eyes were as piercing as those of a hawk surveying his prey high and above in the sky. His long thick hair reached down his back to his waist. His hair was so black that in the day light, it shined dark blue.

He was standing in front of hundreds of men and women surrounded by a multitude of his samurai. They were all there to protect him. As the mighty dragon was being imprisoned in a cave from which he would never be allowed to leave. While it was said that he was immortal, the Japanese Emperor decided to segregate him as he was becoming more and more influential over the population and he couldn’t stand that.

Everyone in the society revered the dragon for his wisdom and advice freely given to all. He was a beautiful dragon. His size was enormous with his colourful wings and huge muscular body. His claws were very sharp but he had never used them to hurt anyone. He spewed fire to show his power.

He had never verbally communicated with the people. His presence alone gave them the answers. Everyone was doing well, getting the knowledge to survive in a well established society. It was a very well oriented merchant culture where everyone could thrive.

Also with the dragon at their side, they had the protection necessary to enhance their journey throughout their lives. The sharing of the knowledge started at birth.

Every time there was a baby born, as soon as he reached the age of sixth months, he was brought up to Mount Shirouma, introduced to the dragon and magic happened every time. The dragon emitted mist from his mouth with a soft sound which made every single new baby, without exception, smile back at him.

It was as if the dragon gave them right at this specific moment, something that didn’t need any explanation. The baby’s smile was the indicator that he understood and that was it.

No one could exactly tell what the dragon did or silently communicated but it pleased everyone doing the ritual with their new born. All the babies who met the dragon became gifted children.

The Emperor became very jealous of the dragon as he felt that his own power over the population was not going as smoothly as he wished and that had something to do with the knowledge given by the dragon. His intention was that the knowledge was to be, one day, controlled, shared and disclosed to the ones of his own choosing.

He considered that knowledge was not something to be shared with everyone but only to his direct descendants and a few privileged ones. The dragon was the teacher of all including the peasants and the merchants and this was counter to his intentions.

Heavily chained and enclosed in a metal cage, the giant kept spewing flames and emitting screams protesting his imprisonment. He was obviously very furious about losing his freedom.



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