An extraordinary Dog


Do you like dogs?

Find out about this sick little girl and her new dog. Discover the sad beginning of her life story where it all started in Africa.

See the marvelous adventures she becomes part of. You'll love her !

Translated by Claire Manning from Kanel.

The Change

Lucy brought a delicious meal to her daughter but she had fallen asleep with Peanut. She admired the two little beings entwined with each other.

Upon her arrival, Peanut raised his head and fell asleep immediately as he felt that there was no trouble. She left them and brought the meal back with her.

Upon entering the kitchen, she said to her husband:

– They are both asleep. We will have to get the dog out; I do not want him to pee in Erina’s bed.

We also need to feed him. While they are both asleep, I'll take the opportunity to go buy what he needs.

– Take only the best food; I do not want him to be sick.

– Do not worry, Francis, I will.

She then left the house, it was a beautiful day, it was the end of summer and the birds were signing.

For the first time in years, the mother began to hope for a miracle for her pretty little five year old daughter.

Maybe Peanut will revive her; the lady spoke of a miracle, as I would believe it! It is still strange that she said to pay when Erina will be healed.

These words were ringing in my head constantly. I must be a little crazy, my daughter is very sick and the doctors said she would not live. But this lady, so smiling, said not to believe what the doctors say.

If I start to hope and then she dies, it will be worse ... yes, but what if she lives? Yes, darling, live!

Then she entered the pet shop to inquire about the best food for a puppy.

– The best, this is it, ma'am.

The saleswoman showed her the bag.

– It is a protein-rich food and it is oven baked. There is no healthier way to feed an animal so that he stays healthy.

Lucy paid for the dog food and she also bought a dog toy, it was a small red plush dog with black ears. She found it cute and bought it.

Then she returned home. When she entered, she saw Francis holding his daughter in his arms and the puppy had peed on the floor.

– Oh, no!  Shouted the disappointed mother. He should pee outside.

Erina laughed to see him crouch and it seemed that the little dog laughed too.

– Listen, darling, it's a baby, he will learn.  Do not worry; there will still be plenty of pee on the ground and even poop.

– I do not want him to pee in the house; this is not good for our daughter. Such things are full of germs.

– Come on, Lucy, you'll get used to it, baby dogs are like babies, they do not control their bladder. I do not see it wearing diapers.

– Okay, I get it. I found the best food for Peanut. Come on, little dog, come and eat.

She poured tiny dog food pieces into the metal dish. Peanut approached it, tasted it and then took some kibble in his mouth and put them in the Erina’s hand.

Delighted, the girl put them in her mouth in front of a shocked mother.   Too late, she had swallowed.

Peanut returned to his bowl and ate everything. He took a big swig of water and wagging his tail, returned to the child.


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